Hindu: Holi Festival – The Reason to Celebrate Spring, Colours, Goodness and Love

March 18

Today, March 18, 2022 is the Hindu Festival of Colours, also called Holi. Holi is the celebration of Spring, of colours, of love and of the triumph of good over evil. I had never heard of it, but was delighted when I found this short video. What fun!  

How can I celebrate when the news every evening is full of the atrocities in Ukraine? Perhaps it seems incongruous to refer to celebrations and armed conflict in the same post. However, celebrations are a way of celebrating life and defying adversity.

Throughout history and around the world people have feasted and celebrated often despite their circumstances rather than because of them.

I am ready for Spring. Days are growing longer. It’s true that there are more hours of sunlight but it often looks dreary, gray and muddy. We need to celebrate colours when it is still gray and dreary. We need to celebrate Spring when it is still cold. The trees know that Spring is coming. The birds know that Spring is coming and Spring will come.

We need to celebrate the triumph of good over evil even when we cannot see it in the world. We celebrate in defiance of evil and as a statement of hope and trust in the ultimate triumph of goodness.

The poet Oscar Wilde wrote, “a flower blossoms for its own sake”. For my own sake, for life to my spirit, is the first reason to celebrate life, love and colours. While you and I are renewing our lives by shining our inner beauty, our blossoming brightens the lives of others, easing their burdens, giving hope and courage.

Let us join our blossoms together to overwhelm the world with colours, and dispel despair.

Gratitude Prompt: Give thanks for hope, and for those who spread hope to me.