Sensing My Way to Mindful Thankfulness

November 26

Recently I phoned my friend Betty. I could hear the sunshine in her voice when she answered the phone. Despite the big hole in her life with the passing of her “Honey” two years ago, Betty began and ended our conversation with, “I am so blessed! I am so thankful!”

Within a week I received in the mail one of Betty’s beautiful home-made cards, with a note of thanksgiving and a prayer for me. I want to be like Betty when I am 89!

Several years ago, I started the practice of gratitude by naming that for which I am thankful in my evening prayers. Last year I started a gratitude journal. I don’t write in it everyday but I try to write in it whenever I feel least thankful.

To consciously call to mind and enumerate the blessings in my life pulls me out of my inner world of abstractions and shows me that I am connected with others in this beautiful universe.

In the practice of keeping a gratitude journal I find that I am becoming more aware of things I hadn’t noticed before. Gratitude and mindfulness meet. I physically feel the warmth and comfort in my home; I hear the silence and nature sounds of our rural setting. I recognize so much blessing even in my most challenging moments. When I contemplate the abundance in my life, I am humbled to realize that my most challenging moments are really not such a big deal.

Gratitude Prompt: Give thanks for the present moment, and for all the senses that enable me to recognize the abundance in this moment.