Judaism, Christian: Pentecost – Radiating Love from the Well

May 21

I was meditating with this text from the book of Wisdom in the Catholic Bible: “For she is the breath of God’s power for she radiates the everlasting light. She mirrors God’s energy completely, and She images God’s goodness.” The Greek word for wisdom is Sophia and is referred to in the Bible as “She”.

Usually we think of Sophia-wisdom as Spirit, the Holy Spirit. The Hebrew word for spirit, breath and wind is Ruach, which is a feminine word. I talk to Sophia, the Holy Spirit when I am wanting to pray with a feminine face of the Divine. This text spoke to me of Sophia who is in us, our God-self; she is that part of each of us which is Divine. This is reinforced by this phrase from the same text, “this is why nothing polluted enters her.” No matter what happens in the world, no matter what we did or what is done to us, the Divine within is undiminished. (Text for this is Wisdom 7: 25 – 30)

I am inspired by the words of Jewish woman Etty Hillesum, written at Westerbork transit camp, before she died at Auschwitz: “There is a really deep well inside me. And in it dwells God. Sometimes I am there, too … And that is all we can manage these days and also all that really matters: that we safeguard that little piece of You, God, in ourselves.”

Nothing can take away our dignity and beauty and wisdom. And that image of the Divine in you is unique to you, and likewise for me. Sophia will never leave us.  

Gratitude Prompt: Contemplate myself through the “eyes” of the Love of Sophia. Give thanks that I am precious and loved. Give thanks for me, and the wonder of my life.

Sophia celebrated in (a few) Faith Traditions:

Pentecost is celebrated in the Christian Church this Sunday, May 23, 2021. Fifty days after the Resurrection of Jesus, on the feast of the Jewish Pentecost, the first disciples were baptised, or immersed in the life of the Holy Spirit. Today we draw strength from knowing that Holy Spirit, Sophia – is our ever-present companion who inspires us with creativity, comforts us in sorrow, bears good fruit through us – the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and goodness of every kind.

Shavuot, the Jewish feast of Pentecost was celebrated last week. Shavuot is a remembrance and celebration of the Gift of the Torah to Moses and the children of Israel after they came out of slavery in Egypt. Both the Jewish and Christian Pentecost celebrate G-d present in the world, “found in our ordinary activities, in kindness, in prayer, in Torah study… G-d living and loving through us to “make this world a better place.

“The deepest single spiritual truth presented through the Vedas (Hindu Scripture) is that Brahman (roughly understood in English as ‘the Absolute’ or ‘the Divine’) pervades the entire universe. This divine reality, or its essential nature, is present in all living beings, eternal, and full of bliss.”  .” https://www.hinduamerican.org/blog/12-things-you-need-to-know-about-hinduism/

Hindus and other Indians greet one another with “Namaste”, which originates in the context of recognizing and respecting the Divine in the other. Imagine how our world would be if we looked in the mirror and saw the Love of Sophia shining back at us. And imagine how kind we would be to others if we were to reverence Sophia in one another!