Christian: Christmas – My Grand-daughter and Life still breaking into the world

December 24

The best ever Christmas gift was the birth of our first grandchild a few years back on December 24. None of our children were born at Christmas and somehow the interface of Christmas and the birth of our granddaughter gave me a new perspective on Christmas.

That year I was also introduced to a 1988 song by Steve Earle, “Nothing but a child,” that somehow opened for me a bigger understanding of the significance of Christmas, not just for Christians but for everyone.  

“Nothing but a child could wash those tears away, or guide a weary world into the light of day.
And nothing but a child could help erase those miles, so once again we all can be children for awhile. Now all around the world, in every little town, everyday is heard a precious little sound.
And every mother kind and every father proud, looks down in awe to find another chance allowed.”

As a Christian I naturally celebrate Christmas as the Creator breaking into human history in the unique God-incarnation of Jesus. “Nothing but a child”, points to a bigger meaning, that the Holy One is born over and over and over again in every child.

Many people see Christmas as “all about the children.” It is the time to find the child in ourselves. To delight in the trappings of Christmas does not undermine in any way the wonder of the Nativity. Presents, Christmas (and Holiday) greetings, carols, and gatherings of family and friends are all ways to participate in the joy and love of Life. It gives us hope to see that Life is still breaking into our world.

This is the big meaning of “incarnation”; the holy one came not just in Jesus of Nazareth but comes every day in every birth, in every child, in every person, even in you and in me.

Gratitude Prompt: Give thanks for signs and wonders of Life breaking into my life and the world.