Christmas Dance: Creative Energy Leaping Into Our World”

Christmas December 25, 2022

Dancing God
Passionate leap  
Of creative energy
Skipping among the stars
Waltzing on rivers
Birthing a universe

Dancing God
Tumbling from somewhere
Into Jewish territory
Whirling Spirit
Seeding Mary’s womb
With alluring divinity

Dancing God
Uncontainable grandeur
Kicking and rolling
In Mary’s flesh
While untamed cousin
Echoes the dance
In Aunt Elizabeth

Dancing God
Spark of Angel’s song
Shepherds hurrying
Like whirling dervishes
Gasping in awe
At a surprising child


Dancing God
Still passionate today
Dynamic movement of love
Wooing our hearts
Toward Oneness and peace
In a tear-stained world

Dance on, Passionate God,
We are your dance now
Teach us the tune
Show us the steps
It is Christmas
It is time to dance

Taken from Out of the Ordinary © 2000 by Joyce Rupp. Used by permission of Ave Maria press. All Rights reserved.

Gratitude Prompt: Give thanks for the Divine one, who is still being born, living and dancing in us.

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