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This website is for those who are looking for a spirituality that supports good mental health. It reflects a development of my own spirituality and spiritual practices that support good mental health for me. It does not replace mental health therapy with professionals when needed. For those who live in Ontario, Canada, my resource page includes some links to help find affordable, accessible, professional psycho-therapists.

Mystics throughout the ages understood that maturing spirituality moves past names and images of God and into Mystery. Even as I move deeper into Mystery, I continue to draw inspiration and nurture from participation in communal and individual prayer of the Catholic and wider Christian tradition. Although it would be superficial and disrespectful to suggest that all religions and spiritualities are the same, when there is a common understanding, I will be sourcing wisdom from diverse faith traditions.

I value and reference many sources on this Site, without endorsing everything they post. Those I cite may not endorse everything I post here.

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